Avaya Definity Phone System Handset London

Avaya Definity Handset London

Looking for quality business products to enhance your organisation’s communications? The Avaya Definity range is one of a number of world-class product selections on offer from Talipia Ltd. If you don’t see the perfect system for your needs, call us to find out what the market offers.

6400 Digital Telephones

  • 6400 Avaya Definity Digital Phones

Avaya Definity 6402, 6408D, 6416D M and 6424 Handset

Product Summary Avaya Definitely Digital Phones

These affordable telephones support all Avaya DEFINITY® communications servers Release 6 or higher. They are designed to meet global connectivity requirements so you can use them anywhere your enterprise does business.

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The Avaya™ 6400 phone system telephones deliver the right combination of business communication functionality. For example, you can personalize your phone by programming the buttons on your telephone simply by choosing from a selection of convenient features. Your business will benefit from these productivity-building features:

  • Whisper Page lets you know when a call is waiting without intruding on a call in progress, so you never miss an important call.

  • Group Listening lets you take a call using your handset while others only listen over your speaker, so the group can hear a critical conversation.

  • Group Paging lets you use the speaker built into your telephone to page all non-active phones within a specific workgroup or area, for quick response to calls.

  • Automatic Call Timer lets you set your telephone to start timing a call as soon as the call connects (requires Avaya™ Call Processing Release 6.3 or higher and a 6400 display telephone) so you can track time spent.

  • One-touch operation with headsets frees your hands by letting you conveniently answer, hang up, and dial without having to pick up the handset. You can also use specialty handset, shoulder rests, and long cords for maximum comfort and mobility.

  • Automatic Customer Telephone Rearrangement lets you move telephones quickly and easily within a location without a technician (requires Avaya Call Processing Release 9.5 and a 6400 Serialized labeled telephone set).

With their sleek, international styling, and availability in white or dark gray, these telephones look great in any location. You can choose to have your telephone on your desk or mounted on a wall.

There are a variety of 6400 Series models that can meet your specific requirements and deliver exceptional benefits to your business:

Model # of Call Appearance / Flexible Feature Buttons Feature / Function Display Size Speaker Type Expansion Module Capable Application Module Ready
6402 0 N/A Group Listening No No
6402D (1) 0 2 Lines x 16 Characters Group Listening No No
6408D+ 8 2 Lines x 24 Characters Speakerphone (2) No No
6416D+M 16 2 Lines x 24 Characters Speakerphone (2) Yes (2) Yes (2)
6224D+M 24 2 Lines x 24 Characters Speakerphone (2) Yes (2) Yes (2)
XM24 (3) 24 N/A N/A N/A N/A

(1) Requires Avaya Call Processing R6.3 or higher.
(2) Can be optioned by user on an individual call basis for Group Listening.
(3) Requires external power supply. One per set.

Two models, the 6416D+M and the 6424D+M, have a built in slot that lets you integrate application modules into the telephones for even more functionality. For example, with a 100A Analog Interface Module, you can plug an analog fax, modem or full duplex Polycom, Inc. SoundPoint Speakerphone.

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Talipia cover some of the areas include Canary Wharf, City of London, Docklands, Enfield, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, South East and Surrey.

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