Managed WAN Services London UK

ADSL VPNs enable organisations to leverage low cost, high bandwidth connections to the Internet to securely transmit business critical voice and data applications.

ADSL VPNs allow:

  • SMBs to implement Wide Area Networks for the first time
  • Corporates to reduce their WAN (Wireless Area Network) capital outlays
  • Teleworkers to securely connect to corporate network services and take advantage of VoIP ADSL VPNs provide secure connectivity of at least of 256kbps on the uplink with up to 8MB downlink.Talipia are independent of all ISPs and Telcos enabling Talipia to provide our customers with the best of breed solution to match your exact requirements. Talipia track the performance of all the ISPs to ensure our customers receive the optimum network Performance and Value.The table below highlights some of the products available:

Product Circuit Speed Contention Ratio Application
SOHO 512kbps download, 256kbps upload 50:1 Small office/Home office workers
Business 512kbps download, 256kbps upload 20:1 Offices with up to 10 users
Business 2Mbps download, 256kbps upload 20:1 Offices with up to 25 users
Business 8Mbps download, 256kbps upload 20:1, 10:1, 1:1 Offices with up to 100 users

Managed WAN Services London UK

Is your business spread across multiple sites? No matter if your business is operated from a single premise or different countries in the world, WAN services will help you bring them together. With Talipia’s managed WAN services in the UK, we help you reliably and securely connect every part of your business, which is designed, built and carefully managed to meet your organisational needs. We offer a fully-managed network system that you can rely on to seamlessly connect people, places and processes.

At Talipia, our managed WAN services include, reporting, monitoring, securing and managing of WAN services. This can include networks, containing several LANs and other systems. Just like LANs, managed WAN services also provide a great range of benefits, such as improving business efficiency and streamlining the processes as well as sending the alert in case of security breach.

Managed WAN Service Providers in London UK

Managed WAN services in London offer unmatched speed and simplicity to provide crucial network services, allowing you to be more productive and fulfilling business objectives whenever you need them, the way you need them. Talipia has a team of WAN (Wireless Area Network) experts who have a vast experience in offering WAN services, which enable us to deliver benefits like:

Improved Performance: We create WAN services based on your specific business needs. Which means you will get the quality of service and the performance you require. Our dedicated WAN experts will continually monitor your network to make sure it is in the healthy state and performing the way you want it.

Business Availability: Our efficient WAN services ensure your customers can benefit from your business by making it available around the clock. With a number of connections and ability to switch to a backup system if primary system fails, we ensure continuity of your services so your customers are not lost.

Futuristic Solution: When we build your WAN infrastructure, we don’t only consider your present requirements, but we also keep your future needs in mind. This allows you to scale up your system as the technology advances and accommodate the changes as and when they happen.

Reduced Cost: Since Talipia works with a number of network suppliers and even bigger number of customers across the UK, we possess a big buying power that allows us to reduce the cost of building the WAN system and passing those savings to you.

Highly Scalable and Agile: Whether you want to add a new site to your network or increase the capacity of the existing system, we are here to help you expand your business as you want. Our wide range of connectivity solutions make sure we instantly respond to your varying needs.

Talipia cover some of the areas include Canary Wharf, City of London, Docklands, Enfield, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, South East and Surrey.

Managed WAN Solutions London UK

Having developed strong partnerships with some of the leading network providers in the world, Talipia provides innovative solutions to enterprises that need secure data systems and equipment to step into the future. From designing and establishing the network that truly drives efficiency to supporting and maintaining the system to ensure its continuity, we offer bespoke managed WAN services that match every business need.