Avaya Maintenance Supports, Contracts for Business  London UK

Talipia provide Avaya telephone system maintenance contracts to companies throughout the UK and Europe.

Our Avaya business phone system maintenance contracts provide complete peace of mind that your essential business functions are covered. Contracts are reasonably priced and will ensure that business downtime is minimised. Standard cover is 4 hours for critical faults and 8 hours for non critical faults.

Talipia have a range of services that are flexible to provide the greatest possible effectiveness in a vitally important area. The resources available to Talipia mean that maintenance services can be provided on a European–wide basis from Gold or Platinum certified Avaya partners.


During normal business hours our technical support team is on hand to answer all support calls. This is your first point of contact when a problem arises and we will endeavour to help you over the phone where possible. The support team will escalate your call to the relevent party where they can help you directly. Avaya maintenance support also operates on a critical response basis out of hours.

Mobile Engineering

We provide a rapid response throughout the UK and Europe through our network of field engineers. Critical stock levels can also be maintained in centres local to a site resulting in a “fix” as opposed to just diagnosis. A four hour fix time is consistently achievable, with expectations consistently bettered.

Contract Management

Full reporting can be made available for any time scale stipulated, so that trends in fault logging can be picked up and acted upon quickly. In addition, a full listing of inventory will be maintained, including tracking by asset and serial number. Holding and reporting this information means that maximum benefit is gained from potential warranty credits and movement of inventory is controlled.

Test Laboratory

Every environment is different resulting in highly specific problems. In response to this a test laboratory is situated at Talipia to provide the facility of recreating an environment and fault. Subsequently, when a site is visited, the engineer will be totally confident of the problem resolution and its impact on the infrastructure.

Remote Diagnostics

Setting up a remote link, either via ISDN or modem, means that problems can be resolved quickly and even anticipated. Network performance can be constantly monitored and software related issues fixed using a method that is highly effective in terms of time and ongoing cost.

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Avaya Maintenance Contracts for Small Business TelePhone

You want your Avaya business phone system to perform like it did the day you installed it, right? Need not worry. Talipia one of the leading Avaya business phone maintenance partners, is proud to offer complete Avaya business telephone maintenance services, whether you are planning to renew your current contract or seeking a new maintenance plan.

The modern world has modern challenges. What if you don’t get the parts when the system gets outdated? What if your system is nearing the end of the manufacturer’s support and maintenance? What about Avaya extended warranty period? That’s where Talipia comes in. Talipia is one of the longest-standing Avaya business phone maintenance contract providers, helping businesses install and maintain efficient business telephone systems for more than 15 years.

Avaya Phone System Repair (Fix) Maintenance Contracts

A well-planned support and maintenance contract can save you thousands of pounds in an unfortunate event. Having a reliable and trustworthy maintenance service provider like Talipia on your side is a wise idea to make sure your business operations aren’t hindered and they continue to perform. Talipia offers multiple levels of Avaya business phone system maintenance contracts based on your needs, the size of your staff and size of your system.

When you choose any of our Avaya business phone maintenance contracts in London, one of our professional Engineers will visit your site, check your system requirements, record all the details, such as model, make, authentication and configuration. Then, we will offer the best value contract that matches your business.

Talipia offers full Avaya business phone system maintenance contracts in the UK on all Avaya systems. Some of the perks of choosing Talipia as your Avaya maintenance partner are:

Competitive contract prices: Due to our close relationships with Avaya phone system suppliers, we are able to offer the lowest possible rates to our clients, whether you are looking to replace parts, make some changes or expand your system.

In-house team of Avaya experts: Our comprehensive Avaya business phone maintenance services are backed by our team of expert Avaya technicians who have years of collective experience in dealing with Avaya phone systems.

Dedicated support executive: When you buy our Avaya business phone system maintenance contract from Talipia, we will assign a dedicated support executive to your company who knows your business and proactively works with you to ensure your system is performing at its best.

Phone support: Talipia also offers telephone support to those who need a little technical advise to make changes in the system on their own.

Regular software upgrades: Avaya regularly releases software updates for their phone systems. Our Avaya business phone maintenance contract will also include updating your system with the latest technology and tools released by the company.

Talipia cover some of the areas include Canary Wharf, City of London, Docklands, Enfield, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, South East and Surrey.

At Talipia, we understand how important it is to keep your phone system in a healthy state. Even a minute of system downtime can result in a huge financial loss. Therefore, we provide you with the best value Avaya business phone system maintenance packages that are not only cost-effective, but will give you a complete peace of mind that if an issue occurs.