Telephone Line Installation London / Phone Line Installation London

An installation that is not delivered efficiently or with integrity will add significant cost to a project. Talipia’s experience in completing installations can be applied so that the result is a project finished on time and within budget.

Project Management

Projects start with specific objectives that ongoing management will deliver and can be measured against. Understanding potential risks involved increases the likelihood that any changes can be incorporated into a plan without undue disruption or cost.

Methodologies are not applied within a rigid framework but used to promote flexibility. Talipia engage project management expertise so that a customer always has a point of contact with a genuine understanding of a requirement.


Allocation of resource means that projects, which cover the whole of the UK and Europe, can be completed. Installations can be completed for a LAN, WAN, desktop, server or software environment. In addition, software structures can be migrated with procedures in place to guarantee integrity of information.

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Telephone Line Installation UK and Migration

If you are looking for great value business telephone line installation and migration, then you are in the right place. Talipia offers short and long-term phone contracts at great prices without any hidden fees and along with friendly customer support. We strive hard to streamline your business processes and provide complete support to your  business through our installation service, technical advice, maintenance backups and staff training. This will result in helping you save considerable time and money on your phone system.

Started over 15 years ago, Talipia has worked with a number of small and medium sized businesses with staff size ranging from 5 to 5000. We offer a range of telephone line installation services from leading companies, including Nortel, Avaya, Ericsson, Siemens and others. Based in London, Talipia is at the forefront of VoIP services, data services, PBX line maintenance and migration services and have delivered satisfactory solutions to businesses across the UK. Get your business connected with state-of-the-art telephone line installation and migration in London and enjoy bespoke communications and significant savings on telephone line installation cost.

Telephone Line Installation UK

Are you looking to add a new telephone line in your premises? We are one of the UK’s leading telephone line installation provider working with a dedicated team of technicians who will visit your site at the time convenient to you and install phone cabling and socket based on your requirements. However, from all the phone systems available, the critical part of our service is to identify the key calling requirements for your business.

Our professional team will inform you how and when we will install your new line. After the end of each installation, our technicians will test the lines using testing tools and equipment to make sure the phone line is functioning at the peak performance. Your newly telephone lines will be fully monitored by our project managers to make sure they are installed correctly with minimum impact on your business.

Telephone Line Migration UK

We understand that as an organisation, you may need to adapt to changing circumstances quickly and effectively to ensure optimum business performance. Whether you are moving to another premise or wish to switch your existing system to more advanced telephone line, Talipia can arrange your transfer and maintain your existing telephone lines.

Our telephone line migration in London and all major UK cities is really simple. We would first scrutinise your existing phone line infrastructure to get a clear idea of your usage. After understanding the gap between your existing system and expected requirements, we would migrate you to a cost-effective and efficient telephone line that enhances your business performance.

Talipia cover some of the areas include Canary Wharf, City of London, Docklands, Enfield, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, South East and Surrey.

During the line audit, we will also use our experience and knowledge to suggest some changes that we think would be advantageous for your business. Since we are an independently owned IT and telecommunications company, we promise to offer impartial advice and the best of our knowledge.

Having years of experience in the telecommunications industry, you can rely on Talipia for comprehensive telephone line installation and migration in the UK along with outstanding customer support and excellent value for money.