Voice Systems Maintenance London UK

Talipia Ltd provide maintenance services for Alvarion and Cisco data products, and for the following voice systems: the full Avaya product range, Nortel, Ericsson, Inter-Tel, Siemens, Mitel and Panasonic.

Functions that are critical to a business must be maintained in a way that reduces potential downtime but at a cost that is not prohibitive. Talipia have a range of services that are flexible to provide the greatest possible effectiveness in a vitally important area. The resources available to Talipia mean that maintenance services can be provided on a European–wide basis.

A technical support team is available during normal business hours, which also operates on a critical response basis out of hours. The helpdesk will provide a first point of contact when a problem arises and will endeavour to resolve the problem over the phone if possible. Furthermore, the helpdesk is equipped to escalate a call to the relevant party and will own the problem until it is fully resolved.

Mobile Engineering
Through our Partner Programme, field based engineers are positioned throughout the UK to ensure a rapid response can be delivered. Critical stock levels can also be maintained in centres local to a site resulting in a “fix” as opposed to just diagnosis. A four hour fix time is consistently achievable, with expectations consistently bettered.

Contract Management
Full reporting can be made available for any time scale stipulated, so that trends in fault logging can be picked up and acted upon quickly. In addition, a full listing of inventory will be maintained, including tracking by asset and serial number. Holding and reporting this information means that maximum benefit is gained from potential warranty credits and movement of inventory is controlled.

Test Laboratory
Every environment is different resulting in highly specific problems. In response to this a test laboratory is situated at Talipia to provide the facility of recreating an environment and fault. Subsequently, when a site is visited, the engineer will be totally confident of the problem resolution and its impact on the infrastructure.

Remote Diagnostics
Setting up a remote link, either via ISDN or modem, means that problems can be resolved quickly and even anticipated. Network performance can be constantly monitored and software related issues fixed using a method that is highly effective in terms of time and ongoing cost.

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Voice System Maintenance London UK

The reliability of your telephone system plays a critical role in the success of your business. A bad voice system can cripple a business. The organisation may face  indefinite delays, loss in employees’ productivity and unnecessary frustration. That is why Talipia is here to offer a fully-managed voice system maintenance in London for small as well as large service outage. At Talipia, we specialise in providing reliable voice system maintenance service for more than 15 years and we are proud to have a huge customer base who has stayed always with us from the very beginning.

Most small and medium size businesses rely on the telephone system as their primary channel for communication. If anything goes wrong with this system, you will need reliable and quick help of the experts who can rectify your problem. Things can go against in your favour anytime and then it becomes too late to seek maintenance quotes. Then also it is not necessary that the company with no knowledge of your phone system will resolve your issue, but will still charge a call-out fee. When you choose Talipia voice system maintenance in the UK, we promise to respond you in the least possible time and repair your system within a few hours.

Talipia cover some of the areas include Canary Wharf, City of London, Docklands, Enfield, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, South East and Surrey.

Voice System Maintenance Contract UK

At Talipia, our voice system maintenance contract includes servicing of the main control unit along with the wirings and key terminal points. You will also be provided with all the technical assistance, so you can rectify small issues on your own. We may recommend some changes with an intention to optimise the performance of your system. Here are some benefits of becoming Talipia’s voice system maintenance customer.

On-site Service Executive: If your issues will not be solved remotely, we will send one of our expert Enginering Technicians who possess knowledge of the fault. The Engineer will visit your site with the right tools and parts to fix your problems as soon as possible.

Preventive Maintenance: We also carry out preventive maintenance, which means our technician will check your system for any temperature considerations and clean it to make sure your system software is operating perfectly fine. The engineer may take the backup of the entire system as a precaution for any disaster.

Replacement Parts: Since we maintain close relationships with network suppliers around the UK, we have all the critical voice system parts in stock.

Helpline: We are always available on our helpline number if you have any queries regarding products, functions or features. Expect to receive satisfactory answers from our knowledgeable staff.