We provide best VoIP Phone Systems.

If you require a new phone system installed into your business premises then there are certainly a fair few to choose from. One of the best has to be a VoIP phone system.

What is Voip?

VoIP stands for voice over IP which means you are able to make telephone calls over your internet instead of a traditional phone system. There are many advantages of using a VoIP phone system instead of traditional methods, such as the following –

1) Cost – If you have a fast internet connection then you can make phone calls from PC-to-PC or PC-to-Phone a lot cheaper than using a normal phone line and because of the use of a fast and reliable internet connection the receiver of the call won’t notice the difference whilst you save money on line rental, call charges and maintenance.

2) Features – Along with making standard calls there are many features that having a VoIP phone enables you to do such as, call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID and call waiting to name a few. Don’t forget that because it’s all through the internet you can also send over data files at the same time as you are on the phone.

3) Portability – If you have an internet connection anywhere in the world then you can use your VoIP system. All you have to do is login into your VoIP dedicated account from the internet and you are ready to go or plus in your VoIP device.

Talipia cover some of the areas include Canary Wharf, City of London, Docklands, Enfield, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, South East and Surrey.

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