Telecoms Project Management London UK

Talipia believes that effective telecoms project management is essential for the smooth changeover or modernisation of technology within your organisation. That’s why we offer all clients a dedicated Project Manager to guide the installation from start to finish, ensuring the system that goes live on completion day meets all your business objectives.
Dealing with one key person who is fully involved in your installation, is vital for simplifying lines of communication, and assuring a swift and smooth delivery.

Talipia works with you at every stage

Talipia will see the project through from start to finish. A typical installation will include these key steps:

  • Initial project orientation meeting: to identify the site, the configuration of the hardware, software, line of site surveys for WiMAX solutions, feature plans, layout of equipment and feasibility, and a thorough inspection
  • Demonstration: presentation of equipment and project plan to all involved
  • Business needs examination: Talipia will work with the client to identify how they see the system working, and the customer service model they wish to provide. This is a key discussion, ensuring that Talipia sets up the system to best meet those business needs.
  • Go live day: the Project Manager, engineers and trainers attend the first day of service. The emphasis is very much on communication and ‘handholding’ as a client starts to use the new technology. Most initial training is accomplished on this day, depending on requirements.
  • Training schedules: with the client, we will agree a training and development schedule for staff. To maximise your investment in equipment and ensure staff are confident in using systems, Talipia provides a comprehensive training service. Contact us for more details.
  • Evaluation and evolution: Talipia and the client will schedule a de-brief meeting after implementation, and also discuss the potential growth and development of the system in future.

We will be on hand to offer expert advice throughout the project. Only when you are entirely satisfied that all systems are in place will your Project Manager pass ownership of the project to you. Contact us now to find out how we can help you to maximise your business communications.