Managed WAN Services London

ADSL VPNs enable organisations to leverage low cost, high bandwidth connections to the Internet to securely transmit business critical voice and data applications.

ADSL VPNs allow:

  • SMBs to implement Wide Area Networks for the first time
  • Corporates to reduce their WAN capital outlays
  • Teleworkers to securely connect to corporate network services and take advantage of VoIP ADSL VPNs provide secure connectivity of at least of 256kbps on the uplink with up to 8MB downlink.Talipia are independent of all ISPs and Telcos enabling Talipia to provide our customers with the best of breed solution to match your exact requirements. Talipia track the performance of all the ISPs to ensure our customers receive the optimum network Performance and Value.

    The table below highlights some of the products available:

ProductCircuit SpeedContention RatioApplication
SOHO512kbps download, 256kbps upload50:1Small office/Home office workers
Business512kbps download, 256kbps upload20:1Offices with up to 10 users
Business2Mbps download, 256kbps upload20:1Offices with up to 25 users
Business8Mbps download, 256kbps upload20:1, 10:1, 1:1Offices with up to 100 users