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Talipia - Telecommunications London, IT Consultant London, Telecom London, Communications Consultancy London, Small Business Telephone London, Business Mobile Phones London
Talipia - Telecommunications London, IT Consultant London, Telecom London, Communications Consultancy London, Small Business Telephone London, Business Mobile Phones London

Alvarion Carrier

Carrier Product Range

Carriers in every region of the world have shown trust enough in Alvarion to earn it the number one supplier ranking for wireless broadband for many consecutive years. Alvarion continues to work to earn that trust through leading innovation and solutions that meet the business case needs of carriers.

Alvarion’s award-winning solutions provide a comprehensive range of wireless access applications for data and voice in licensed and unlicensed frequencies, enabling carriers to effectively compete in a deregulated market environment where enhanced services represent the defining factor in generating new and profitable revenue sources. Leveraging wireless technology to provide broadband data and voice services allows operators to extend their reach to new residential and business customers in the last mile.

Alvarion’s carrier solutions require minimal initial investments and provide fast roll-out, allowing carriers to achieve immediate customer revenues – a major factor in implementing a successful business strategy in the current market. Through reduced installation costs, expedited network deployment and the use of standard IP-based components, Alvarion products deliver carriers a fast return on investment and enable them to build a profitable and sustainable business in every market segment.

Alvarion’s compact cellular network solutions create low-cost mobile networks that are attractive to local operators, government mobile-services provider, private network operators and emergency and Disaster Recovery providers for delivering wireless communications globally.


BreezeACCESS VL is the world’s most deployed OFDM multipoint wireless broadband platform operating in license-exempt frequencies and enables WiMAX class data and VoIP services today in the 5GHz bands. More Info

Supporting next generation networks for mobile and fixed applications, the Breeze2000 is based on the widely deployed CDMA2000 1XRTT standard and uses an all IP distributed architecture to provide carrier-class telephony and always-on data access for fixed residential or limited mobility users.

UltraWAVE is a set of innovative GSM solutions designed for excellent price to performance for rural cellular extension, isolated populations, tactical containerized solutions, fixed and floating offshore cellular, and lab systems. More Info
WALKair 3000

WALKair 3000 is a state-of-the-art carrier-class product point-to-multipoint solution. Reaching true payload speeds of 34 Mbps, WALKair 3000 is a superior product for carriers operating in all licensed frequencies. Some of the attractive options include high capacity E1 & IP, QoS and fiber-optic quality voice. More Info


eMGW is a cost effective, rapidly deployable, point-to-multipoint fixed wireless system that provides concurrent IP data and TDM voice services for residential and small business users in urban, suburban and rural environments. More Info


Trusted by leading operators since 2000, BreezeACCESS II is the most field-proven 2.4 GHz broadband wireless access system with scaled networks in every region worldwide. More Info


BreezeMAX is Alvarion’s WiMAX platform leveraging the company’s BWA industry leadership, proven field experience, and advanced core wireless and networking technologies, including many years of experience with OFDM technology. More Info
BreezeNET B

BreezeNET B is a family of point-to-point bridging and backhaul solutions for the 5GHz band combining simplicity, long range, high capacity, and top encryption with excellent price to performance. More Info

MGW is a value-priced system that can satisfy critical first line TDM voice needs to underserved populations scaling into hundreds of thousands. Based on fixed wireless local loop technology, MGW is ideal for urban or rural regions and is rapidly deployable. More Info


BreezeACCESS XL is Alvarion’s original fixed wireless solution for 3.5 GHz licensed carriers. Still deployed in hundreds of networks around the world, BreezeACCESS XL continues to impress operators with its year-over year reliability. More Info

Alvarion’s original OFDM solution for licensed bands, BreezeACCESS OFDM is a multipoint broadband wireless access system for operators offering high-bandwidth IP-based services. More Info
WALKair 1000

WALKair 1000 is a carrier-class, feature rich, multi-services point-to-multipoint solution. Reaching rates of 4 Mbps net payload and operating in 3.5, 10.5 and 26 GHz frequencies, WALKair 1000 supports a wide range of applications from 3G cellular backhaul to trunking of E1, ATM, etc. for MTUs and MDUs. More Info

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